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One of our best ideas.

Down to the very last minute.

HolidayPlanner InfoTerminal WebComm SubContractor DataSafe AutoPlan FlexPlan TimeManager DepotManager FleetLog ReportGenerator FormDesigner Export-Schnittstellen Import-Schnittstellen PERDIS Standard When the actual work is done, that’s when in many companies the stress begins. Because that’s when work hour reports and duty lists are checked and wage lists for the employees are drawn up. Complicated work – and woe betide if even a minute is unaccounted for.

With PERDIS you can lean back and relax. You define for every wage type an account and with the control parameters of BalancePlus you set when, for whom, why and what should be booked. After that, everything is automatically taken care of - letting you get on with assigning. Admittedly, the subject of wage accounting is in most companies a highly complicated business. Sometimes you need a good few days to store all rules in the system. But it’s all worth it when you can rest assured that not a single minute is lost.

An additional relief is provided by the module SubContractor for accounts with sub-contractors. Here, you can store the data of your contractor and the contractual arrangements. Then work performed can be exported out of PERDIS to the contractors. In PERDIS you can see which blocks and duties are assigned to which contractor. According to current needs, you can access single assigned duties and either take it away from the contractor or transfer extra single duties to them.

Relevant evaluations list the work performed in detail and give information about the remuneration due.

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