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HolidayPlanner InfoTerminal WebComm BalancePlus SubContractor DataSafe AutoPlan FlexPlan TimeManager DepotManager FleetLog ReportGenerator FormDesigner Export-Schnittstellen Import-Schnittstellen Not all customers are the same, that’s why a data processing system has to be able to adapt to the structure of the organisation. PERDIS offers system settings which enable the user themselves to do this without difficulty.

The standard system is delivered with the complete range of functionalities. This ranges from master data management, to rota and roster creation and duty start check, to statistics evaluations. Convenient functionality and automatic support are features of all core functions.

In addition, PERDIS offers a lot of useful things that make work easier and more efficient. An individual deadline management, for example, that automatically monitors important deadlines. Notifications, occurrences and notes can be managed in a clear and orderly card index system. There are convenient functions for organising seminars and training sessions for your employees and much, much more.

Just as the structure of every organisation is different, every company has its own way of doing things, too. That is why PERDIS has been designed to map different concepts. There are no limits to the number of operating departments, rosters or employees.

The system is capable of multi-station and multi-user operation. So it can be used by several employees at the same time. A decisive benefit, if User 'A' is just entering holiday and User 'B' is just doing the duty assignment and can see the up-to-date status regarding which duties have not been allocated and which employees are available.

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