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What you have in black and white …

HolidayPlanner InfoTerminal WebComm BalancePlus SubContractor DataSafe AutoPlan FlexPlan TimeManager DepotManager FleetLog Export-Schnittstellen Import-Schnittstellen PERDIS Standard There are many useful evaluations which are needed for daily work and for legally or company required reports. These are made available by the basic system. In addition, our customers often need individual lists and forms which are not provided in the system.

Good to know we still have our modules ReportGenerator and FormDesigner. These modules enable users to generate almost any evaluation they want and to have them filled at any time with the data they require.

Using ReportGenerator you can create database queries in list form. That means, you choose required attributes and define column headings, filters, sum total calculations, groupings, etc. What you get: lists which are either long or short, depending on the time period and data volume to be evaluated.

You can create individual forms using FormDesigner. You may need, for example, balance overviews in the form of a table. You are free to give columns and rows any heading you choose, enter text and define formats as you wish. In the cells of the table you can then call up balances or enter formulae. The result is always the pre-defined form, filled with the required data.

It is also easy using FormDesigner to draft serial letters which are needed in many companies for confirmation of balances or other similar purposes.

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