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The crowning functionality for personnel assignment.

HolidayPlanner InfoTerminal WebComm BalancePlus SubContractor DataSafe TimeManager DepotManager FleetLog ReportGenerator FormDesigner Export-Schnittstellen Import-Schnittstellen PERDIS StandardIn fact, creating rosters is simple. Things get more complicated if, with pre-defined duty sequences, the work has to be evenly distributed among all employees over longer periods of time. And it is especially demanding if the individual requests of all employees have to be taken into account fairly and fulfilled as frequently as possible.

PERDIS provides solutions for all processes and these solutions can, if necessary, be sensibly combined within the rosters.

The module AutoPlan supports the creation of fixed duty sequences. These are then stored in a rota matrix and rolled out automatically.

The module FlexPlan offers various different procedures for creating individual rosters (request rosters). Requests for the chronological positions of the duties are evaluated and inserted into a fixed 'day off' pattern. Work profiles can be pre-defined that enable automatic input of requests. Of course, employees can also stipulate day-specific, individual requests for days off and chronological positions of the duties. Whatever you wish to do, in every case assignment is automatic, fair and within the bounds of defined rules. 

If traffic companies prefer the bidding method, they can  use our special module BidDispatch, which provides procedures for assignment following the seniority principle. The employees can select the offered runs for the bidding period themselves in order of their seniority status.

Request entries can be made by the employees themselves (see Staff terminal).

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