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HolidayPlanner BalancePlus SubContractor DataSafe AutoPlan FlexPlan TimeManager DepotManager FleetLog ReportGenerator FormDesigner Export-Schnittstellen Import-Schnittstellen PERDIS Standard PERDIS users have fast access to current data at all times. You should make sure that all other employees also enjoy this benefit, although that, of course, only applies to their own personal data. You can do this using the modules InfoTerminal and WebComm.

These modules offer protected access to personal balances or absences and give information on holiday leave allowance and duty assignment. You can define individually in the system exactly which information is available to the user.

The modules have an internal mail system with which the allocator can send requests or messages accurately to one or several employees. Employees can confirm information, answer requests or themselves send messages to the allocator.

If the recording of requests is allowed for an individual roster planning, this can likewise be done using this module.

InfoTerminal is installed on stationary computers – mostly in robust information points equipped with touch-screens. These information points can be accessed in the company network. WebComm is installed on an Internet server and thus can be used independent of location.

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