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Drivers need wheels of getting from A to B.

HolidayPlanner InfoTerminal WebComm BalancePlus SubContractor DataSafe AutoPlan FlexPlan TimeManager ReportGenerator FormDesigner Export-Schnittstellen Import-Schnittstellen PERDIS StandardWhen you assign drivers, of course, you also have vehicles for which deployment plans have to be made. With the module DepotManager you can manage perfectly the logical interrelationship between duties, vehicle blocks and parking places.

The module offers detailed management of your vehicles, by type, group and equipment. Vehicle blocks are already available in the basic system. All you have to do is introduce once your parking places to DepotManager, using the convenient parking place editor, and define what is allowed to be parked on them. Then you specify which parking procedure is possible, i.e. whether buses park in a block or in a line. After that, you can complete the necessary assignments. If, for example, a row is to be filled according to the principle first-in, first-out, DepotManager tells you if the parking order conflicts with the pull-out time.

When planning tracks, it is possible to manage, using the system, the assembly of trains before pull-out, as well as the separation and coupling during the journey.

The daily work is perfectly supported by means of pull-in and pull-out lists, action alert notices for the handling of vehicle changes and with various different statistics.

The module FleetLog will be available beginning of 2009. This module offers the registration of vehicle losses, e.g. damages of windows or the coach. The driver will be able to enter located damages directly into the system at a terminal. The system supports the input with technical vehicle information (structure, components, pictures).

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